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Create your custom bathtub, shower or combo with ModulR

ModulR bathtubs, shower bases and shower doors can be combined to create over 1000 different configurations.

Three components, ultimate flexibility

This unique product line of bathtubs, shower bases and shower doors can be configured separately or as a combo (bathtub and shower), to create a design that is perfectly suited to the individual characteristics of any bathroom.


Custom Bathtub Design

The ModulR bathtub offers a sleek and refined look that blends beautifully with the design of trendy urban constructions.

You will adore the modern design that reflects today's trendiest design style!

  • 60" (L) x 32" (W) x 23" (H)
  • Available with or without armrests
  • Choice of left-hand or right-hand drain
  • Lockable, adjustable legs. Makes leveling easy: no tools required
  • Apron available with large access panel
  • A wide bathtub deck allows for easy faucet installation
  • The removable toe-kick allows quick access to the adjustable leveling legs and drain connection after installation.